Valpolicella Superiore Verjago 2016 on the podium for Mundus Vini

The 2016 vintage of Valpolicella Superiore Domini Veneti Verjago is on the second step of the podium for Mundus Vini.

The selection of Valpolicella Classica grapes vinified for this important Superiore wine in fact reaches the silver medal, with one of the best vintages for our area.

This wine is a story to tell, starting from its label and neck tag: a story that speaks of typicality, tradition and the pursuit of excellence. Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore Verjago comes from highly selected grapes from the hilly vineyards which, after the manual harvest in crates, are left to dry for 40 days in special drying rooms known as “fruttaio”. Careful winemaking follows along with over a year of ageing in large oak barrels and another three months in bottles. The result is a Super Valpolicella, noble and captivating, which pairs perfectly with all types of meat, both grilled and braised, and aged cheeses.

The winemaker comments:

VINTAGE 2016 was a great, handbook year! Summer temperatures did not go above 35 °C, avoiding the excess heat that characterised 2015. The  composition of the grapes led to a high sugar content, good acidity and a particular abundance of anthocyanins, all thanks to the significant day/night temperature changes that occurred, especially during veraison. It is in this period, in fact, that the vine is reactive to the accumulation of colouring  substances.
The vintage did not have any unusual pathological problems, with the exception of the peronospora attacks that took place in June; the vine ripened regularly (bunch closure at the beginning of July and the start of veraison in the first days of August). Maturation began in mid-August and ended in the first ten days of September, with the main winemaking parameters reaching an excellent level, along with the complete absence of botrytic attacks.