Tre Stelle Oro Veronelli for Amarone Riserva Mater DOMINI VENETI

The Gold Guide I Vini di Veronelli confirms the quality of one of the most representative wines of Domini Veneti: Amarone della Valpolicella docg Classico Riserva Mater.

To reach the “Three Gold Stars” qualitative continuity is an indispensable requirement; in addition, the awarded samples achieved an evaluation equal to or higher than 94 cents in the tastings of the Curators.

Heir to the historic catalogs published by Luigi Veronelli (1926-2004) since the 1950s, the Gold Guide I Vini di Veronelli features the best Italian wineries and their «oenological masterpieces». Thousands of wines are reviewed with viticultural and enological indications, classified according to a hundredth scale, an international standard.

The 2012 vintage of Amarone Riserva Mater was excellent, with peaks of excellence, strength and depth, while not presenting the aromatic richness of 2011 on average. A distinctive element was the climatic trend which managed to highlight the different characteristics of the production areas. A very hot vintage with notes of great concentration and aromatic expression, a high degree of softness with non-aggressive tannins, hints of ripe black fruit with light notes of jam and floral, resulting in a powerful but at the same time complex and elegant wine.

Watch the video with the description of the winemaker here