Lugana Cantina di Negrar is the best for Mundus Vini

The 2019 vintage of the Lugana doc Cantina di Negrar was awarded as Best of Show at the Mundus Vini international competition.

The 26th MUNDUS VINI International Wine Grand Prize rewards the best wines at the spring 2020 tasting, which just ended with the recognition of 43 Grand Gold Medals, 1,546 gold medals and 1,406 silver medals. 268 wine experts from 54 countries were engaged in the six-day tasting to evaluate nearly 7,500 wines from all over the world.

Italy wins the highest number of awards with 658 medals. Spain follows with 631 medals, third place goes to France with 325 medals.

Among the wines chosen by the jury and recognized as the best in its category, the Lugana Cantina di Negrar vintage 2019.

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This is the sensory map with which it was defined: