Kazakhstan: new horizons for DOMINI VENETI

Eyes on Kazakhstan.

Tuesday 25 June the Domini Veneti wines arrived in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan and the country’s main economic center, with a guided tasting and a walk-around-tasting organized by Unexpected Italian.

Strengthening the positioning of Italian wine in Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe is an important strategic objective: with around 19 million inhabitants and a wine business that records almost 53 million liters, it is one of the most attracted international markets for Italian wine. In fact, Italy is the first EU country and third, after Russia and China in exports to Kazakhstan, and Italian trade with the country amounts to 17 billion euros. Today 70% of the Kazakh market is occupied by Georgian and Moldavian wine production: Kazakhstan is in effect a market to be founded and potentially interesting for wine, in which the generational change and the increase in economic well-being open the way to quality Italian wine.

HoReCa customers are increasingly growing in quality offered to the various local and foreign consumers who find commercial developments and modernity in the major cities. From 2016 the growth of wine exports from Italy is confirmed in double figures: + 18%.

The tour of June 25 in Almaty, involved not only the Kazakh importers, but also the importers of neighboring Uzbekistan, another Eurasia country in great growth. Almaty is recognized as a center of business, trade and hub for neighboring countries ex-CIS, and as a commercial port for RUSSIA.

The red wines of Valpolicella of Domini Veneti have found great success in buyers and enthusiasts who participated in the event.