The value of people and work: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us!

Cantina Valpolicella Negrar celebrated an important anniversary in 2018: 85 years since its foundation.

The commitment of everyone has contributed over the years to the success of our cooperative: this is why we want people to be at the center of our wishes, with the words of Pope Francis dedicated to work.

Behind every activity there is a human person.
He or she can remain anonymous, but there is no activity that does not originate from human being.
It is the work that gives dignity to man, not money.
I think it is important to work together to build the common good and a new humanism of work, promote a work that respects the dignity of the person who not only looks at profit and production needs, but promotes a worthy life, knowing that the good of people and the good of the company go hand in hand.
The distribution and participation in the wealth produced, the insertion of the company in a territory, social responsibility, corporate welfare, equal treatment of wages between men and women, the conjugation of working time and life time, the respect for the environment, the recognition of the importance of man in relation to the machine and the recognition of the right salary, the ability to innovate are important elements that keep alive the community dimension of a company.
Science and technique can make actions faster, but the heart is exclusive of the person. A healthy economy is never disconnected from the meaning of what is produced and economic action is always also an ethical fact.
Keeping together actions and responsibilities, justice and profit, production of wealth and its redistribution, operation and respect for the environment become elements that over time guarantee the life of the company.
From this point of view the meaning of the company widens and makes us understand that the sole pursuit of profit no longer guarantees the life of the company. In addition to these issues related more directly to the company, we must let ourselves be challenged by what is around us.”