Domini Veneti wines among the most pleasant of the year for Luca Maroni

The wine critic Luca Maroni rewards the wines of Domini Veneti with very high scores in his online 2021 yearbook.

Here is a summary of his review:

Great red wines that excel in their respective typological categories.

Not only are the Amarone stupendous, with a great turgid fruit also the Valpolicella Classico 2019.

The Verjago 2017 is exceptional in concentration and thrust, a wine of supreme consistency and appreciated olfactory splendor. Among the many Amarone tested, all of more than excellent quality, are the Amarone Classico Vigneti di Jago 2015, the Amarone Mater Riserva Domini Veneti 2012 that stand out not only for the sovereign richness but also for the soft-tannic souplesse of taste and for the clarity of the enological transformation.

The best wine of the tasting shines among the most pleasant Italian reds of the year. It is the Appassimento Domìni Veneti 2019, pure blackberry in a sparkling jam with a spicy sweetness, a raisin fruit yet turgid, rich, soft and clear like few other samples of the type. Chapeau.