Collaboration and responsability: a message of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar to face the Corona Virus crisis

The General Manager Daniele Accordini sends a message of responsibility and cooperation.

See the video message here.

From the historical “fruttaio” of Valpolicella Classica in Negrar, we want to send a message today to all our collaborators, to customers in Italy and in the rest of the world on behalf of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar.

We are a historic cooperative involving 230 families of wine growers, an international company that works and relates to 40 countries around the world.

Our ethical and social values ​​are our resource in this period of difficulty that we must face together, with a perspective of mutual collaboration.

We immediately adopted all the measures suggested by the medical-scientific community in the company and now mandatory some by the Decree of the Presidency of the Ministers, for the safety of our collaborators, our wine-growing members and all the working partners.
Today, with even more restrictive measures, we continue to guarantee safety in production, which has always been fundamental for us in the agri-food sector. And we want to continue to guarantee the sustainability of our business as well, to protect the 230 families of wine-growing members, 40 families of employees and collaborators and all related industries connected to the long chain of wine production.

Unfortunately, there are many false reports appearing on social media today, on the possible contamination of Italian wine, but we want to reassure you that – according to the members of the medical-scientific community – the survival and multiplication of the virus in wine seems impossible, thanks to the its alcoholic components. However, of course, we assure that it will be handled in compliance with the hygiene rules, which we have always guaranteed.

In our 87-year history we have already been able to overcome the economic crisis, wars, profound international upheavals and every year we face the unknown of time in the cultivation of our vineyards. We face now a new and worrying challenge: in our hearts we know that the correct answer lies in the soul of our constitution, that is in cooperation.
United and cohesive we have to face this unprecedented emergency, with respect for everyone’s health on a global level and with absolute attention not to endanger our present and our future.
With the energy and solidity on which our work is based, we want to send you a message of presence, determination and solidarity: we will overcome this moment together, with everyone’s responsibility.
And we will be even stronger!
Thank you all