Cantina Valpolicella Negrar: Best Italian Coop 2019

We are pleased to inform you that on 29th August 2019 in Deidesheim  one of the most beautiful wine-growing areas of Germany, Cantina Valpolicella Negrar was awarded for the third time as “Best Italian Cooperative Winery”.

After winning the first place in 2016 and in 2017, joint winner along with a Piedmontese cooperative, Cantina Valpolicella Negrar is again in the Top 20 drafted by the German wine magazine Weinwirtschaft which, from 2010, makes its own judgement about the quality of wines produced by Italian cooperative wineries.

The selection. The wineries participating in this contest, considered the most important one in the cooperative sector, must demonstrate that they produce quality wines in all the categories, from the most popular and widespread wines to crus and specialities.

Firstly, there is a tasting of 2 “everyday” wines and if they meet specific quality standards, there is a further evaluation of other wines, otherwise, the winery is out of the competition. The wines presented by Cantina Valpolicella Negrar were:

Valpolicella Classico di Negrar (off-trade category)

Valpolicella Superiore Domìni Veneti,

Ripasso (Classico Superiore) La Casetta Domìni Veneti (bestseller category)

Amarone Mater and Amarone Vigneti di Jago Domìni Veneti, Recioto Amando Domìni Veneti (regional speciality expressing tradition and territory).

A great satisfaction for Daniele Accordini the winery’s General Manager and Oenologist in great:

“This award is the result of the work done by many people, first of all by our Members, who over these years, have followed the strict production protocols dictated by the Technical Management.  It is the fruit of our production team’s invaluable work that has constantly applied research, innovation and hard work with the utmost commitment and care, without neglecting any detail. Finally, our partners that believed in us contributing to build a brand that today stands for a real, constant and essential quality”.

For this reason, we want to say publicly “Thank you!”

It all began with the line of wines “CANTINA di NEGRAR” and the attention for our wines that, already a century ago, opened the way to Export, meeting the public taste in the daily consumption; soon it also started to reward us, in the Ho.Re.Ca consumption up to the collectors of our very limited productions.

The research that in the last 30 years, led to select over 30 Cru in the vast 700-hectare vineyard, has been fundamental for the evolution of this company.

The “concept of single vineyard” and of “unique production” are best represented by some of our Crus, like:

“Espressioni” that is the Amarone’s five representations of excellence, unique experience within the denomination.

“Mater” Amarone Riserva DOCG is at the top of the rankings of the most awarded wines in the world, the first Italian wine.

“Vigneti di Jago” Amarone Classico DOCG, is unparalleled and the only collector’s Cru in the homeland of the great French wines, in Bordeaux.

“Verjago” Valpolicella Classico Cru has been awarded this year at Prowein as Best of Show.

“La Casetta” Ripasso Classico Superiore DOC is the most requested for more than 30 years and sold only by allocation.

Thank you again for sharing with us, every day, the distribution of our products. This award is not only ours but also yours.