Valpolicella Negrar Winery at the Merano Wine Festival 2018 with the Valpolicella Superiore Verjago

Excellence is an attitude“: this is the motto of the 27th edition of the Merano Wine Festival which will take place from 9 to 13 November 2018 in the elegant setting of KURHAUS, a liberty-style building built in the 19th century, in Merano.

Quality, Superiority and Elegance are the key words of the event: Merano Wine Festival combines the quality and excellence of the products in an elegant and elitist context with the participation of 500 wine-producing houses, 200 artisans, 15 international chefs i.e. the best representation of excellence food and wine of our country.

In the wide program of the kermesse, Cantina Valpolicella Negrar will be present in the WineHunter Area 2018 with the Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore “VERJAGO“.

What is the WineHunter Area?

Helmut Köcher, founder of the event, is THE WINEHUNTER, the wine hunter
The aim of Köcher’s work is the relentless pursuit of quality in all its forms and the discovery of excellence, as characteristics that distinguish things and make them unique over time.
The Wine Hunter Area takes shape in the WineHunter AWARD:
• Award of excellence assigned to products that stand out for their territoriality and superior quality
• ONLY the companies selected by The WineHunter can participate in the Wine Festival
• More than 5,000 labels sent for selection – only 2,500 have been admitted to the Award
• Evaluation system in cents, decided by competent and expert Commission
• SCORING BANDS are as follows:

1) The RED WineHunter Award from 88 to 89.99 points out of 100
2) The WineHunter Award GOLD  90 to 94.99 points out of 100
3) The WineHunter PLATINUM Award  from 95 to 100 points and above



Main technical features
 Verjago is a Valpolicella Classico Superiore, where elegance and cordiality merge, finding their most complete manifestation
 The name “Verjago” derives from the toponym “Vallis Veriacus”, with which the Negrar valley is identified in the High Middle Ages (XIIth century)
 It is an expression of the Quality Project, led by Domìni Veneti on the vocation of the “cru” of the Negrar valley
 It comes from finely selected grapes from hilly vineyards; after the manual harvest in crates they are left to dry in special areas (fruttai) for 40 days; followed by careful vinification and aging in wood then in the bottle
 It is a noble and captivating Valpolicella
Historical – cultural profile
 Verjago has a story to tell: typicality, traditions and the pursuit of excellence
 It is a “natural” witness to the culture, art and customs of the people of the Negrar valley
 Domìni Veneti intends to indissolubly link the name of the wine to the historical tradition of the territory of the Valpolicella Classica, so that it is the most important ambassador of its land of origin

 Symbol of the historical link with the territory is the label:
 On the sides, the label describes the first moment of which there is testimony in which the name “Veriacus” (from which Verjago) is used. This is a private sales document dated 971
 In the middle, the column with the lion of St. Mark (located in the historic center of Negrar): symbol of the dominion of the Serenissima in the region
 Verjago focuses on a story, a legend, a story to tell: Verjago is not just wine.

More info on the wine here.